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Ceramic brand Tougise tiles since its inception, has been sticking to provide consumers with high-quality value of brand products and services, and promote the concept of quality home life,More than 10 years, continue to grow and develop, has leapt to Foshan first-class ceramic brand. Welcome people of insight to join, common growth, common success!

First, join the way

Authorization and operation

Tougies Tile Marketing Center Authorized Franchisee in the designated franchise area to operate Toggis Tile brand, responsible for Toggis tiles products in the sales area
Market development and expansion, market sales, brand management and after-sales service.

Rights and obligations

1. right

Tougis Tiles Marketing Center to the franchisee to give a strong marketing strategy support and services, counselors to join the market development, channel development, improve
Day-to-day management, provide market support, promotion support and sales training, and promote sales promotion.


Franchisee to capital, store, human and other inputs, according to Tougise brick marketing center store terminal standards and requirements set up stores, brand management, independent
Accounting, self-financing, in the brand image and management to accept the Tougise brick marketing center management and supervision.

Second, join the conditions

1. Business philosophy and business ability

1) with a modern business philosophy;

2) have a strong entrepreneurial spirit;

3) familiar with the city to join the market;

4) with the relevant building materials industry experience, shop business experience is preferred.


2. Good store image

1. According to Tougise brick store terminal VI image standard professional design and decoration.

2. Have a certain area of ​​the warehouse.

3. Personnel and equipment

1) the company's operation, with the appropriate staff, responsibilities clear

A. clerk;

B. manager / clerk;

C. Warehouse / Finance staff.

Note: According to the actual situation with the number of people.

2) office equipment

A. computer, fixed and fax;

B. Delivery trucks / after-sales service vehicles (according to the actual situation of the local equipment).

4. Market development: Direct and distribution.

5. Good after-sales service

1、 door-to-door (according to the actual situation of the local implementation);

2、 timely handling of quality complaints;

3、 have good protection against the distribution network in the area.

4、 Good business reputation and business quality, no bad business records.

5、Have good loyalty and integrity to the enterprise.

6、 Strictly perform the responsibilities and obligations of the Statute of the Newly Established Jianshe Ceramics Co., Ltd., and abide by the uniform requirements of the Company to the franchisee.

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